Frequently asked questions

Do I need annual mooring service?

Yes! We strongly advise having your mooring serviced every year to ensure the safety of your vessel and in many cases to validate your insurance. The marine environment is a harsh and unforgiving one and any structure, especially moorings subjected to its’ chemical and physical actions degrades over time becoming weaker and unreliable. Annual servicing from Mylor Mooring Services Limited provides a full inspection top to bottom, replacement of any worn components and a comprehensive written condition report to ensure your vessel is secure when afloat. If your vessel is afloat 12 months a year we recommend a service before the winter months as well as in the spring.

Where do you operate?

We currently operate throughout the Carrick roads and Helford river including Malpas, Truro River, Pill Creek, Restronguet, Mylor, St Just, Falmouth, Flushing, Penryn, St Mawes, Percuil, Durgan, Helford, Port Navas, Gillan, going as far as Portscatho and Coverack. However we will go further afield if required so if you have a marine based query on the South coast please get in touch.

Why is there weed growth on my buoy after servicing?

Unfortunately weed, mussels, barnacles and other organisms will grow on your buoys, chain and rope whenever submerged. During the service a great deal of care is taken to clean these items however as soon as they are put back the weed continues to grow! Unfortunately spring and summer is when it grows fastest and this is the period between servicing and when your boat is put back on the mooring. We at Mylor Mooring Services Limited understand how important it is that your boat stays clean especially having been wintered ashore and we therefore clean the entire mooring thoroughly - we cannot put a pause on nature but we do supply a cleaning service should you wish.

How long does the chain last?

This varies according to location, depth and how exposed the mooring is to prevailing conditions as well as tidal flow. The most common chain sizes used below: 10mm 1 – 2 years 12mm 2 years 16mm 3 – 4 years 19mm 4 – 5 years 30-40mm 10+ years These figures do alter and therefore should not be taken too literally, the rate of wear is determined at the point of servicing and replaced as necessary to ensure vessel safety for the entire upcoming season. All chain and shackles have been supplied from the same source for over 10 years and is tested, certified and proven to be of the highest quality available with regular tests being carried out.

Does my mooring need servicing even if I haven’t used it?

Yes. Even if a vessel hasn’t been on the mooring or pontoon it is still subjected to vicious wear and tear and therefore should be inspected regularly.

When can my 6 month/summer only mooring be laid?

6 month / Summer only moorings can only be laid after 1st April and must be brought in from 1st October in order to clear the traditional oyster fishing grounds. This process of laying and recovering all these moorings takes about 2 weeks to carry out at either end of the season and is completed as soon as possible subject to weather and tidal conditions.

When is the ideal time to have my mooring serviced?

Servicing before the upcoming season is recommended.

What is involved in winterising my mooring?

Moorings can either be brought ashore or dropped to the seabed to reduce wear, and both services can be provided on request (subject to location).





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