2 Pax - $1,458

3 Pax - $1,075

4 Pax - $923

5 Pax - $800

6 Pax - $796


This amazingly rewarding 4 day trek is for trekkers with a high level of fitness and endurance for steep up and downhill routes. Choquequirao is isolated and requires a tough two day plus trek to reach the archeological zone, visiting the site on the morning of day three. Once there the sense of achievement is exhilarating. The site is impressively vast with an equally large area yet to be excavated. The backdrop is overwhelming. To say this site is a sight to behold is a massive understatement!




The first day of this exhilarating itinerary we leave Cusco early in our private transport that
takes us first to the pretty village of Cachora (2902m/9520ft), a comfortable 4 hour drive
west of Cusco travelling through some beautiful countryside out into the rural district of
Apurimac. Then we carry on by car for another almost one hour to meet our trek crew at
our starting point called Capuliyoq, very close to our first mountain pass (Capuliyoq Pass,
2900m/9514) and the beginning of today’s long descent.
Once out on the trail, we’ll get a good sense of our expedition. Incredible mountain ranges and glaciers come into sight, building our anticipation for this challenging trek. Capuliyoq provides us a tantalising viewpoint from which, with a clear sky, we will catch a glimpse the magnificent Choquequirao. The downhill is very steep, quite unforgiving and can be painful for our knees. If you have knee problems we suggest “knee braces” or supports. La Playa Rosalina (1520m/4987ft) is our camp tonight at the bottom of the Apurimac River canyon next to the river. Please note, as we are lower and right by the Apurimac river a strong mosquito repellent is essential. A fulfilling dinner and early to bed is the order of the day, ready for our demanding climb tomorrow! Start Height: 2900m/9514 Max Height: 2900m/9514 Min Height: 1520m/4987ft Approximate Walking time: 4 to 5 hours Distance travelled: 11km/6.8ml Meals: L, D. Snacks


After our first night on the trail, we begin the ascent to our campsite, which stands about 1300m/4265ft above the Apurimac River. The path is steep and tough but along the way there are rewarding spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. From the top of this mountain at Marampata (2940m/9646ft) we will get our ‘birds eye view’ of the beautiful and powerful Apurimac river. We continue down for a couple of hours until we reach the official campsite of Choquequirao (2847m /9340ft) very close to the archaeological site. If we arrive early and energy levels are high it may be possible to spend time at Pacchayoq, in the lower sector of the complex, where we will see ancient Inca water channels, ceremonial rocks and much more. We will return to the campsite for a sumptuous dinner, ready for our day of exploration tomorrow. Start Height: 1520m/4987ft Max Height: 2940m/9646ft Min Height: 1520m/4987ft Approximate Walking time: 8 hours Distance travelled: 14km/8.7ml Meals: B, L, D. Snacks


After a tasty breakfast we leave camp and hike up to the Inca Site. For now Choquequirao is a breath-taking destination of an ‘unspoiled’ trek and you won’t see many tourists. You will find tranquillity at the top of this mountain and if you are lucky you may even see Condors soaring by. The vastness and sense peace is overwhelming. After our guided tour, if the time permits, there may be a little time to find a quiet space, lie down in the grass and absorb the experience of being in an ancient Inca City or some with the energy may even choose to venture to descend to see the famous white stone llamas. After a remarkable day of discovery having been amongst the remains of ancient ingenuity, that harnessed the best of nature with amazing feats of Inca architecture and engineering, we head out in the early afternoon back down to La Playa Rosalina and our camp for the night.

Start Height: 2847m/9340ft Max Height: 3033m/9950ft Min Height: 1520m/4987ft Approximate Walking time (including the tour around Choquequirao): 11 hours Distance travelled: 16km/9.94ml Meals: B, L, D. Snacks


Setting off in the early morning light we begin our hard climb to Capuliyoc, from where we can again appreciate the spectacular backdrop of the Apurimac canyon and feel truly deserving of the view. The route finally levels out and our private transport will be at Capuliyoq waiting for us to go back to Cusco, a welcome site after such a challenging uphill. You’ve completed a difficult and adventurous trek, not for the faint hearted! Congratulations! Start Height: 2900mt/9514ft Max Height: 2902mt/9520ft Min Height: 1520m/4987ft Approximate Walking time: 4 to 5 hours Distance travelled: 11km/6.8ml Meals: L, D. Snacks


                      The sights were unforgettable. Incredible microclimates with endless kinds of flora and fauna, butterflies, waterfalls, wild strawberries, racing clouds, tree canopies. Thousands of years old aqueducts and.                              ancient Incan ruins, meeting local people along the way. We were awed by the numerous valleys, towering mountain ranges, glaciers, and our summit views. On our 1st night of camp, our bright view of                             the milky-way galaxy was incredible. We loved touring the coffee plantation, zip-lining and very much enjoyed the hot springs on our 3rd day. Our camping tents were perfectly comfortable. Our train ride on Peru Rail and accommodations in Cola de Mono and Aguas Calientes were also very nice. Machu Picchu and its history was unreal and climbing Huayna Picchu was totally worth it!

Laura M


Briefing one day before the trek. Collection from your hotel in the morning of the trek departure. 3 nutritious meals per full trek day (vegetarian options available). Drinking water along the trek. Bilingual guide (Assistant Guide for groups over 6 passengers). Chef (assistant chef for larger groups). Quadruple tents to be used by two people, allowing more comfort and more space to store backpacks. Mules (for equipment and personal items) and muleteers. Inflatable mattresses. Sleeping liner and pillow. Saddled horse in case of emergencies or if you are making very little progress (this horse is with the group at all time). First aid kit and oxygen bottle. Kitchen tent and dining tent with camp tables and chairs. Toilet tent. Duffel bags (up to 7Kg/15lbs per person). This will be provided by your guide at your briefing.


Breakfast on the first morning. Dinner on the last night. Sleeping bag. If you don’t want to bring your own, we can hire this for you. Tips for guides and field staff.


These discounts are not cumulative Teenagers: US$ 20.00 (up to 15 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings) Children: US$ 45.00 (up to 8 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings)


The maximum height can go up to 3100 msl. The average hiking time is 7- 8 hours (with a few days up to 10 hours) per day. Very steep and difficult terrain is common, with altitude differences of up to 1,000 m. Daily hikes cover 10 -15 km. Please note: Choquequirao is a route for sure-footed and experienced mountain hikers in good physical condition and with a high level of endurance for steep up and downhill routes. We do not recommend this trek for people with acute knee problems and would reccommend knee supports or knee braces. Appropriate altitude tolerance is required.



At Quechua Treks we aim to provide bespoke itineraries suited to each adventurer down to the last detail, we want to create your dream experience. Together, we can customize our itineraries with additional activities ranging from a variety of ‘adrenaline pumping’, ‘culture vulture’ or ‘relax and unwind’ options to best fit your needs throughout your tour. Check out our ideas for inspiration and let us know what captures your imagination!

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