A stunning trip which includes the best of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Tambopata. 
See the most important Inca ruins and our Amazon with some of the wildest, least impacted habitats in the world. 
Hike the Lares Valley, that takes you through local native communities and farmsteads, providing a unique experience and introduction into authentic Peruvian culture.  Combined with the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu two wonderful alley and mountain ranges with very different ecology and landscapes. 

This trip has it all !


12D / 11N 


Day 1 - Arrival to Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata Research Center

After breakfast you will be transferred to Lima´s airport to take a flight to Puerto Maldonado Airport & a representative will meet you there to transfer you to your hotel.

This morning we will collect you from your hotel to assist you with your full travel luggage and take our private transportation to the airport. Please head straight to the domestics check-in desks front and center of the airport. Please present your passport in order to enter the airport. Once you have your boarding cards and have checked in all luggage you are now free to head upstairs to the domestic departure lounge ready to take our flight from Lima to Puerto Maldonado, the jungle!

NB: Please ensure you regularly check the departure boards dotted around the airport and locate your gate with plenty of time to spare. This is important, flights are not usually announced in Lima airport and gate allocations often change and may not follow those written on your boarding ticket.

On arrival to Puerto Maldonado you will be met by a representative from Rainforest Expeditions with a sign with your name on it. They will take you to their office in the city where you can leave any extra luggage that you don’t need to take to the lodge (like your trekking clothes for Machu Picchu and cold weather gear for Cusco, which we suggest you pack in a separate bag).

Transfer Pto Maldonado Headquarters to Tambopata River Port

Skirting Puerto Maldonado, we drive 20 kilometers to the Tambopata River Port, entering the Native Community of Infierno. The port is a communal business.

Transfer Boat
The two and a half hour boat ride from the Tambopata Port, will take us past the Community of Infierno and the Tambopata National Reserve ́s checkpoint and into the buffer zone of this 1.3 million hectare conservation unit.

Orientation - Upon arrival, the lodge manager will welcome you and brief you with important information about the Lodge.
This afternoon join the Overlook A three to five-kilometer hike will lead us to overlooks commanding magnificent views of the Tambopata winding its way into the lowlands. The forest on this trail, regenerating on the old bamboo forest, is good for Howler Monkey and Dusky Titi Monkey.You will have the option of hiking out at night when most of the mammals are active but difficult to see. Easier to find are frogs with shapes and sounds as bizarre as their natural histories.
Meals included: Box Lunch & Dinner Overnight: Tambopata Research Center

Day 2 - Tambopata Research Center Activities

On most clear mornings of the year, dozens of large macaws and hundreds of parrots congregate on this large river bank in a raucous and colorful spectacle which inspired a National Geographic cover story. Discretely located fifty meters from the cliff, we will observe Green-winged, Scarlet and Blue-and-gold Macaws and several species of smaller parrots descend to ingest clay. Outings are at dawn when the lick is most active. This five-kilometer trail covers the prototypical rain forest with immense trees crisscrossed by creeks and ponds. Amongst the figs, ceibas, and shihuahuacos we will go for a monkey search Squirrel, Brown Capuchin, and Spider Monkeys as well as peccaries. TRC is located within this habitat. Ten minutes upriver from the lodge explore the island where is a tiny pond with a platform in the middle. It is a great place to spot waterfowl such as Muscovy duck, sunbittern and hoatzin along with the woodpeckers, oropendolas, flycatchers, and parakeets that call this pond their home. After dinner scientists will provide a night lecture, an in-depth look at the biology of macaws, their feeding habits, the theories for clay lick use, their breeding and feeding ecology, population fluctuations and the threats to their conservation. Meals included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Overnight: Tambopata Research Center

Day 3 - Tambopata Research Center Activities

Stepping carefully over the winding “highways” of peaceful leaf-cutter ants, the Rainforest Master Hike will leave you with unforgettable memories and a profound sense of accomplishment. Due to their years of local experience, our Tambopata Research Center guides know everything about the forest. They’ll spot the tiniest bird hiding in the canopy, the most elusive monkey, and the most spectacular plant life. Twilight descends early in the jungle. Under the thick tree cover of the rainforest, darkness falls quickly, when the light cannot slip through the foliage any longer. Now, as afternoon slips into evening, you’re about to see one of the world’s most spectacular sunsets. The Sunset Cruise floats down the wide river, countless oranges and pinks reflecting off the water in lovely patterns. Overnight: Tambopata Research Center Meals included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Day 4 - Boat Journey back to Puerto Maldonado and flight to Cusco.

It is time to say goodbye, as the expedition comes to an end. In the morning we will take the boat back to civilization, Puerto Maldonado and later on to Cusco!

Transfer Boat to River Port.
Transfer Tambopata River Port to Pto Maldonado Headquarters
Transfer Puerto Maldonado Headquarters to Airport

We retrace our river and road journey back to Puerto Maldonado, our office and the airport. Depending on airline schedules, this may require dawn departures.
Welcome to the Sierra!

After a spectacular flight from Puerto Maldonado across the Andes to Cusco set a 11,200 ft. We will be waiting for you at the exit to the building with a sign at the barrier outside the arrivals gate of the Airport.

Today is all about relaxing and gettting ready for your next adventure in Cusco! Meals included: Breakfast & lunch. Overnight: Cusco Hotel.

Day 5 - Exploring Cusco city

Our day tour begins in earnest today with an eye opening morning tour through some of the most beautiful streets of Cusco. We will walk around the old bohemian quarter of San Blas, famous for its picturesque white walls and blue doors and historically artisan community. On the other side of Cusco we find San Pedro market, a Cusqueñan institution, not to be missed. Famous for its tantalizingly exotic fresh fruits and vegetables, mouth-watering juices, too many to choose from and its naturally medicinal herb stalls. Onwards down Cusco´s central avenue, Avenida el Sol, we arrive at the magnificent temple of Koricancha originally dedicated to the sun god Inti and said to have been the most important temple in the Inca Empire. Lunch is a seated picnic at the ‘top’ of Cusco, close to the ruins of Saqsayhuaman. After lunch we enter the awe inspiring fort of Saqsayhuaman and also seek out the less visited archeological areas such as the temple of the moon. On visiting the chocolate museum you will be delighted by the rich scent of finest Peruvian chocolate and the fascinating process of the humble cacao bean, from bean to bar. The workshop at the museum is at once educative, enlightening and great fun, not to mention the end result, a custom-made chocolate bar of your own! Meals included: Breakfast & lunch.
Overnight: Cusco Hotel.

Day 6 - Chinchero, Maras & Moray

After a delicious breakfast, we will drive through the valley, weather permitting en route, we will hopefully glimpse the snow-capped Urubamba Mountain range. The holy mountains of the Sacred Valley.

Our first stop is in Chinchero, a lovely town traditionally renowned for its specialized weaving techniques and unique hand made textiles. Here you'll watch and learn about the art of Peruvian weaving, absorbed by color, in naturally made dyes a genuine feast for the eyes. Next is a drive to the circular Inca ruins of Moray, an extraordinary Incan earthwork. Three natural, crater-like depressions are lined with a series of concentric circular terraces that get smaller as they disappear down into the earth. This is thought to be one of the Incas ‘Green Houses’, where they experimented with the different temperature zones or microclimates (created by the terraces) and developed new varieties of staple Andean foods.

Then by car, you'll follow a dust track through agriculturally rich plains, with examples of the finest Andean farming set amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery of the Andes, imposing mountains provoking wonderful sensations of freedom, wilderness, and spirituality. Our next stop is the Salinas de Maras the naturally occurring, yet mysterious salt pans that cover the entire side of a canyon made of red rock. They have been in continual operation since pre-Incan times. Wonder at the ingenuity and practicality of the terracing system, whilst being mesmerized by the simplistic beauty and the shimmer of these pinkish white salt pans; it’s a view to behold.
Meals included: Breakfast & Picnic lunch. Overnight: Lamay Hotel. Sacred Valley

Day 7 - Lares Valley Trek - Lares, Cuncani

Very early, as the sun begins to shine on the mountain of the Sacred Valley, our guide will pick us up from the hotel and we will head in the direction of the Sacred Valley. The Calca market will be our last stop before losing contact with big cities. This is our final chance to buy any last minute things we may need for the trip. The road that leads to Lares and crosses the Amparaes pass at 4470m is a phenomenal drive which winds through arid landscapes, occasional rivers run across the road and the mountain views are breathtaking.

​Our final destination is the hot baths of Lares. Here, naturally occurring, relaxing thermal waters await us before our trek. From the thermal baths unfolds a small track, used by local children and community members. We pass through hand tilled fields and crops of quinoa and potato, amongst quaint stone houses. After a gradual climb of a few hours we will stop for a delicious lunch, before continuing on to the community of Cuncani, our camp for the evening. The night will be cold but charming.

Start Height:3230 masl / 10600 ft.
Max Height:3840 masl / 12600ft.
Approximate Walking time:6 hrs
Day Distance:10,88 Km / 6,8 Ml
Meals:L, D. Snacks
Overnight: Camping

Day 8 - Lares Valley Trek - Cuncani, Paso de Pumahuanca, Paccha

​If the day is clear, we will wake up to the imposing view of Colque Cruz, a majestic mountain capped by a glacier, which provides water to the community. We follow the path next to an icy stream that will take us towards the pass. The ascent is challenging. We will have some hours of demanding but rewarding uphill, on rocky trails passing through incredible landscapes punctuated by high altitude lagoons. As we get closer to the pass, the trail becomes steeper and rockier. On reaching the summit a stunning view of the Pampas of Anta awaits us, followed by a descent that will be most agreeable after such a long climb. The descent is steep but beautiful, crossing a small forest of ‘Polylepis’, the endemic and endangered trees of the high Andes. Just after the forest and with an incredible view of the valley below we will stop for lunch. After which the drop continues until we reach our camp, a tranquil paradise, surrounded by trees and crossed by a small river. Tonight, we'll enjoy peace and tranquility and an amazing night sky. Start Height: 3840 masl / 12600ft. Max Height: 4730 masl / 15700 ft. Approximate Walking time: 10 hrs Day Distance: 14,4 Km / 9 Ml Meals: B, L, D. Snacks Overnight: Camping

Day 9 - Lares Valley Trek - Paccha, Piscigranja, Ollantaytambo

This morning will be our last on the trail and after breakfast there will be a chance to take photos with our porters, cooks and field staff. All those who made this trip possible. From here the walk becomes easier down to the piscigranja (fish farm). We will feel the climate changing, becoming warmer and more alive, with more variety in vegetation as hummingbirds accompany us on our journey. After a few short hours we will meet our private transportation that will take us to Ollantaytambo for an overnight stay at the stunning and unique El Albergue hotel. Start Height: 4040 masl / 13400 ft. Max Height: 4040 masl / 13400 ft. Approximate Walking time: 4 hrs Day Distance: 5 Km / 3,1 Ml Meals: B, L, Snacks Overnight: Ollantaytambo Hotel.

Day 10 - Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

We will take the train from Ollantaytambo train station to Km 104, where the short Inca Trail starts. The valley turns into a canyon and the scenery begins to alter as the cloud forests appear on our approach to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary. We will disembark the train at Km 104 and start the hike along a quite challenging uphill path. This ancient Inca Trail takes us uphill all the way to the magnificent archeological complex of Wiñay Wayna, from where there are many steep steps to climb to reach the upper part of the Archaeological Site. Here we find a fabulous sense of peace far from the crowds. with superb views of the imposing verdant mountains and native orchids. The trail now becomes gentler, continuing all the way to the Sun Gate, where we arrive to Machu Picchu through its real entrance. It is from here that we will have our first glimpse of the Machu Picchu citadel. We then cross the site to take the bus down to Aguas Calientes town and check in to our lodge to rest and relax, in anticipation of our full tour tomorrow. Maximum Altitude: 2732 m / 8964 ft Minimum Altitude: 2088 m / 6850 ft Distance Travelled: 10.79 km / 6.67 ml (to Inti Punku) Approximate Walking Time: 7-8 hours Melas: B, L, D. Overnight: Aguas Calientes Hotel.

Day 11 - Machu Picchu Guided Tour and back to Ollantaytambo

Good Morning! Rested and enthusiastic for our ultimate day we have the option to relax this the morning or have a wander round the town. Today we will lunch early in one of Aguas Calientes’ excellent restaurants in order to arrive to the Citadel in good time for our full afternoon tour. Accompanied by our guide, we take a 25 minute bus ride to the sanctuary of Machupicchu (2400m / 7874ft). Our guide will lead us in a tour of exploration and discovery of the many curious corners within this enigmatic Citadel. Our guided tour will have an average duration of 2 hours. Machu Picchu with Huayna Picchu If you feel like you could take on another uphill challenge, you have the option to climb the famous mountain of Huayna Picchu this morning, pre afternoon tour. It is important to mention that to climb this mountain, you need to buy a separate ticket in advance. Please confirm that you want to make this climb at the time of making your booking with us. The trail consists of many steep narrow steps (not recommended for people who suffer vertigo), the height of the mountain is 2700m / 8858ft (the climb is 300 m.) We will climb Huayna Picchu at 10am. The route is around 3 hours round trip. We will then exit Machu Picchu citadel and have our lunch at Sanctuary Lodge just outside the entrance to the Citadel. After lunch we re-enter the citadel at 2pm for our guided tour of the citadel itself. As the site closes for the day at 5:30pm we bus back down to Aguas Calientes. We then have a charming train journey back to Ollantaytambo and time to reflect on, quite possibly, one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Our private transport will be waiting to take us back to your hotel. Meals included: Breakfast & lunch. Overnight: Ollantaytambo Hotel.

Day 12 - Back to Cusco, transfer to the airport.

We will transport you to Cusco’s airport for your return flight to Lima to make your connection for your onward or homeward journey.

Until the next time, we`ll say goodbye!
Meals: Breakfast.

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Couldn't Have Been in Better Hands than

with Quechua Treks

Zac and Mayra are the most lovely people you can ever imagine meeting. Zac brought the energy we needed straight from the get go and always ensured we were put in the best position to be happy and healthy during our week's long stay in the Cusco region. 

Zac took the lead on taking us through the week with help from his excellent driver Nacho and son (who came with us on our biking excursion). Mayra handled all the logistics flawlessly and joined us at the end of our week in Cusco city for a night of fantastic food at Chicha. Zac made sure to highlight some of the most unique and delicious food Cusco had to offer by suggesting to us/taking us to some great restaurants like Chunco in Ollantaytambo or Pachapapa in Cusco city.

A truly fun, funny and loving guy -- Zac made me and my family feel as if we were a part of his family very quickly. You can't go wrong with booking a trip with Quechua Treks if you're looking for adventure/outdoor activity coupled with culture, history and fun surprises along the way. Peru's beautiful landscape speaks for itself -- Zac, Mayra and Quechua Treks make sure to show it off with such knowledgable and friendly passion.

10/10 would recommend to anyone going to Peru or maybe even any other South American adventure they would be willing to plan with you!


3D / 2N 


4D / 4N 


2D / 1N 




Private car for all of the transfers and tours.
All accommodation.
Private bilingual guides for all excursions.
All activities specified in itinerary
Meals indicated in the itinerary.
Drinking water in our private transportation and in every camping place.
First Aid kit and oxygen bottle.
Train tickets specified in itinerary.
Entrances for Machupicchu and all the other sites we visit in Cusco, Sacred Valley and around.
Bus Tickets in Machu Picchu
WHILE CAMPING Briefing one day before the trek. 3 nutritious meals per day (vegetarian options available). Drinking water along the trek. Bilingual guide (Assistant Guide for groups over 6 passengers). Chef (assistant chef for larger groups). Quadruple tents to be used by two people, allowing more comfort and more space to store backpacks. Porters (for equipment and personal items). Inflatable mattresses. Sleeping liner and pillow. First aid kit and oxygen bottle. Kitchen tent and dining tent with camp tables and chairs. Toilet tent. Duffel bags (up to 7Kg/15lbs per person). These are provided by your guide at your briefing.


Meal not mentioned in the itinerary.
Drinks apart from water.
International and domestic flights.
Accommodation in Cusco.
Tips for guides and field staff.
Entrance to the hot springs.
Entrance to Huayna Picchu Mountain. (USD60 extra) Sleeping bag. If you don’t want to bring your own, you can hire this from us. Tips for guides and field staff.


These discounts are not cumulative Students: US$ 30.00 (students require a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Please be aware that Youth Travel Cards are not valid). Teenagers: US$ 20.00 (up to 15 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings) Children: US$ 45.00 (up to 8 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings)


The maximum height can go up to 4,200 m. The average walking time is 6 – 7 hours per day. Here differences in altitude of up to 1,000 masl can occur with many ascents and descents. The daily hikes cover 10-15 kilometers. These tours are a good choice for trekkers with initial hiking experience at altitudes above 3,000 meters, and with good physical condition and health.