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Mural painting and graffiti is a recent artistic trend in Peru, since 1980s when its reproduction becomes more frequent in two forms; the "cult" with abstract and figurative proposals from renowned artists trained in official art schools, and the "popular" sometimes inspired by ancestral cultures and created by amateurs.

Graffiti began to develop in the 1990s when kids started to walk the streets of Lima and to bombard them with their name or “tags”. It is more or less in '98, when the first graffiti contest organized by the municipality of Miraflores took place and the 'boom' of Peruvian graffiti would explode. It is at this time that the first generation of Peruvian graffiti artists was born.

The tour will start at 09:00hs, we will pick you up from your hotel in Lima and start the tour visiting the most important districts for mural painting and graffiti like Barranco, Miraflores and Callao; the history, artistic proposal and trajectory of each street artist will be explained.

After visiting some of the streets of Lima we will visit the art studio of one of the most renowned mural and graffiti artist in Lima located in the center of the capital. Where you will appreciate the work they develop and be part of the experience of painting through the use of aerosol in the last floor of the emblematic Ferrand Building.

After the tour you will be transferred to your hotel.


Includes: transfers, professional guide, bottle of water, workshop with graffiti artists, all materials included.

Note: The tours last 5 hours.

Internal Cornice
Internal Cornice
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Roof Decor
Roof Decor
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An amazing full day explorating downtown Lima & its unique Artistry 

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