Marvelous North !!!

An experience in Northern Peru is usually thought of as surfing and ceviche with cold beers on a Pacific Ocean beach; we want to show you a different one!

We offer a trip to the other side of the cordillera, the Amazonas region, home of steep river gorges, impressive mountains, and endemic birds such as Spatule Tail Hummingbird and Preincan cultures such as the mysterious Chachapoyas.

We start our trip in Abra Patricia, a hidden lodge surrounded by 24,000 acres of cloud forest protected by Ecoan, a bird watching paradise with a vast network of trails and the possibility to observe an inspiring sunset as well as a delicious dinner accompanied by other guests from various parts of the world.

Next morning we will dig deep in the bird watching world of this unique region, widely know for its astounding hummingbirds and some other endemic birds, waiting to show its beauty to its seekers.

Later on, we will see one of the most impressive displays that nature can offer right from our hotel, the 2530 ft (771 m) Gocta waterfalls, officially ranked as the third largest free leaping waterfall in the world!

As a next morning activity we can hike or horseback ride to the base of this fall to recharge energy with its waters.

As we keep heading South in the Utcubamba Valley, we can observe vestiges of the Chachapoyas, a pre Incan culture, whose major known archeological center is Kuelap Fortress, a massive complex of more than four hundred constructions such as impressive defensive walls, circular houses and vast terraces. If we are sharp-eyed, we can find rock carving as well as human bones inside of the constructions!


“El camino es pesimo, pero…” (the trail is bad, but…) is what locals usually say to describe this 3 day trek. 26 miles of mud, slippery rocks, cliffs, mountain passes, puna grasslands and jungle vegetation to arrive to a primitive cabin, it doesn’t sound appealing right? Well, the views from this place will make the pain worth it, that’s a promise.

Next day we reach the astounding Lake of the Condors to fish for our dinner and after paddling to the other side of it, a rope aided trail of rocks and branches leads us to a cave-like mausoleum that overviews the lake. Here we can appreciate where hundreds of mummies wehere buried and paintings in this extraordinary place. We’ll return to the cabin for the night.

The next day, early morning, we will begin our horseback journey to conclude our adventure. The trek ends with a delicious coffee and a brownie at Kentitambo Ecolodge, a visit to the Leimebamba Museum and if we are lucky, a hummingbird waiting to greet us.

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