June 21, 2016


The 21st. of June is the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, it is the day when the Sun is at the farthest point away in respect to the Earth, it was known as the Inti Raymi during the Inca period, the time when the Sun had to be blessed.


For the ancient people from the Andes it was a moment to make some rituals to the Sun, it was the time to help this deity who was weak and needed some help. That's how the inhabitants of the Inca Empire made their procession carrying out their most sacred and important huacas (deities) accompanied by torches that were raised up to the skies to warm up the Sun and make it stronger. 


the lack of heat wasn't felt only by the people but also by the Pachamama (Mother Earth), the reason why the local farmers used to dig holes in the Earth was to bury different type of potatoes, corn, among other vegetables and cook them with the same torches they had for the ceremony. That was the way they warmed up Pachamama and also offered some food to the Sun with some chicha (andean corn beer).


There was a God named Huatio who was in charge of taking the food and chcha from the Earth to the Sun. This is why according to the locals the star called Sucho ("who feeds the Sun") appeared during this month. This star would be the brightest one of the sky that we know as Sirius.



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