12D / 11N 


Day 1 - Chivay (Arequipa) to Sibayo Village

We start in Chivay and take a short drive of 40 minutes to Sibayo, also known as Rumillacta, or Stone Village (3850 masl). Sibayo is one of the much lesser known and most beautiful towns on the upper part of Colca Valley. A world away from fast paced modern life, step back in time and enjoy a genuine, warm welcome from the local people. A proud community dedicated to smallholder agriculture, raising alpacas and cooking on wood fires are all a part of the daily routine. Families also cater for the adventurous travelers through a cooperative rural tourism initiative offering their modest but cozy homes for lodging and meals. There are also local activities we will have the opportunity to experience; take a walk with llamas, or dare to cross the pedestrian hanging bridge (el puente colgante) or visit the archaeological site of Paracra, check out the mummy enroute! Tonight, we lodge with a local family. Distance: 34km, 40 minutes by car Maximum elevation: 3822masl Minimum elevation: 3635masl Meals included: B, L, D Overnight: Homestay at Sibayoq

Day 2 - Sibayo-Suykutambo (Tres Cañones, Apurimac River)-Mauk’allacta.

Setting off ‘nice and early’ this morning we take a drive towards Suykutambo along a dirt road, the journey will be a little bumpy. Now within the spectacular Tres Cañones landscape we will visit the rarely explored but fascinating pre-Inca sites of Mauk’allacta meaning ‘Ancient Place’ in Quechua, (3915masl) and then on to Taqrachullu, an ancient funeral complex. From the top of Taqrachullu we can take some time to enjoy the incredible views over the canyons and the peace and tranquillity of this vast yet lush and beautiful location. We then hike down towards Tres Cañones to meet our car to drive us back to Suykutambo. The geology in this conservation area is incredible and the natural water sources serve the surrounding communities. More than 1500 people live in this protected area, being surrounded by gigantic, magnificent rock towers formed over millions of years by the gradual but powerful erosive forces of wind, rain and rivers providing a wonderful sense of perspective. Returning to Suykutambo, tonight, we dine and stay in the house of a local family. This nights’ accommodation will be rustic, prepare yourself for an insight into local culture. A chance to appreciate life with sparse commodities, true rural living. Distance: 80 km, 2 hours by car Maximum elevation: 4502masl Minimum elevation: 3500+ masl Meals included: B, L, D Overnight: Basic Homestay

Day 3 - Tres Cañones- Cuatro Lagunas (sea kayak and/or stand up paddle)

This morning we wake early to take our considerable but scenic drive Northwards through various towns. Take the chance to get some rest as we travel by car to Cuatro Lagunas ready for adventures on the water. We arrive late morning to test our balancing skills with a stand-up-paddle or choose to kayak in these breathtaking surroundings. A great opportunity for some photography. Lunch is a beautiful boutique picnic with a view of the lake. Our accommodation tonight is in the welcoming Albergue Turistico at Pomacanchi lagoon situated overlooking this fabulous body of water. Time to get some rest for our full day hike tomorrow.
Meals included: B, L, D Distance: 182km, 4 hours Overnight: Albergue Turistico, Pomacanchi

Day 4 - Full day hike to Waqrapukara

A hearty breakfast is the order of the day to fuel us up for our spectacular trek today. We have a short drive to our drop off point, the small town of Santa Lucia, ready to begin our full day hike of 9km. Our route utilizes some of the best and most remote trek paths in the area, staying away from the more popular ways to approach this archeological site, provides us with a road less travelled. The hike takes us through steep, sweeping canyons either side of the Apurimac River, surrounded by gigantic, incredible rock formations that appear to defy gravity. The views are nothing short of majestic, this is nature at her best and the brave ones among us will have the opportunity to approach the lookout points for awe-inspiring full views of the canyon along our hike. The little-known pre-Inca and Inca site of Waqrapukara or “Horn-Shaped Fortress” is an astonishing example of unfathomable Inca masonry techniques, that simultaneously combines and compliments the natural advantageous aspects of natural rock formations, with their incredible engineering and architectural skills. Again, we are off the beaten track with little presence of other travelers. We arrive with time to allow us to comprehend the overwhelming, incomparable natural beauty and death defying engineering, it is truly a sight to behold. Tonight, we have the privilege to camp right next to the archaeological site. Distance: 9km Maximum elevation: 4104masl Minimum elevation: 3590masl Meals included: B, L, D Overnight at official onsite campsite

Day 5 - Waqrapukara-back to Pomacanchi

Waking up to breathtaking views of this ancient Inca fortress this wonderful morning, we seize the opportunity take our time, chill out and explore the site. Archaeologist Miguel Cornejo said of this site “Waqrapukara” is an Inca sanctuary of the first order that denotes immense political and religious power, as-yet undeciphered,”. We will share a beautiful lunch at our campsite prepared by our trek cooks before we set off on our return trek this afternoon. Walking a new route onwards out of the site we discover yet more hidden Inca sites as we trek 7.7km today to meet our private transport. We then take the trip back to our accommodation arriving early evening to overnight in Fundo Chuquicahuana. After dinner let’s settle in for the night and save our energy for tomorrows hike in the incredible Vilcanota Mountain range. Distance: 7.5km Maximum elevation: 4104masl Minimum elevation: 3300masl Meals included: B, L, D Overnight: Fundo Chuquicahuana

Day 6 - Rainbow Mountain Hike, then drive to Lamay-Sacred Valley

This morning we set off driving North towards the Vilcanota Mountain range and our trek to the Rainbow Mountains, travelling through the now famous Red Valley of Pitumarca. We will begin our climb this morning at Pampachiri walking for about 2 hours to an elevation of around 5020masl. Once at the top of the valley we are rewarded with stunning views of Apu Ausangate, Cusco’s highest snow-capped mountain (6385m/20948ft), revered by the local population as the Guardian of Cusco, a powerful Mountain Deity. Over millions of years, the Andes’ rare and varied mineral properties, complex environmental conditions and tectonic plate shifts created wondrous rainbow-like stratifications, only quite recently visible due to climate change and the receding snow line. We can savour the views, photographing this amazing scene, marvelling at the peaceful vastness and incredulous range of geological colours. A scrumptious boxed lunch and hot drink is provided while we explore this breath-taking, unforgettable landscape. Having witnessed one of nature’s works of art, in the afternoon we settle in for a contented drive continuing Northwards and getting lower in altitude towards Cusco’s famous Sacred Valley. We can look forward to some home comforts in our beautifully appointed boutique Hotel Nunu, nestled in the tranquil town of Lamay. A hot shower and a comfortable bed await. There are plenty of great restaurants in which to dine this evening, please ask your guide to book for you or ask for recommendations. Start point: 4504 masl Highest point: 5020 masl End point: 2940masl Lamay Distance: 10.24 km Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 7 - Morning to relax, afternoon visit Yucay

A relaxing day today with a well-earned break this morning at a much lower altitude. Take your time relax in the hotel or take a wander round the beautiful village of Lamay. In the afternoon we have a nice easy walk behind the quaint village of Yucay further along the Scared Valley of the Incas.In the heart of the Sacred Valley, an imposing Pisonay tree rests in Yucay Plaza. Yucay is the location where the biggest corn in the valley, and the world, is grown and is the starting point of our hike. Behind the plaza we discover an impressive group of terraces that follow the contour of the mountain and are still used by the locals for agriculture today. Along our way we will also see cave paintings and carved tombs/niches in the cliff faces. We start our hike by visiting the temple of Sayri Tupac. At one time in history Yucay was the resting place for the royal Inca family. Our trail follows a wide water channel for the steam that flows from the snowcapped mountain of San Juan. Immersed in nature, with the sound of running water and the views of the valley from the top of the terraces is a delightful highlight of our journey. After around 2 hours the trail finishes at the second Plaza of Yucay, from here our private transport will drive us back to our hotel. Maximum elevation: 2940 masl Minimum elevation: 2857 masl Distance: 5.8 Km Meals Included: B, box lunch Overnight: at Nunu Hotel

Day 8 - Ollantaytambo Ruins, Train to Aguas Calientes, afternoon tour of Machu Picchu.

After an early breakfast, we will walk around the Inca Fortress and ceremonial site of Ollantaytambo, marveling at these extraordinarily well-preserved ruins set around a tranquil plaza, renowned for its peaceful charm. The little-altered layout of the town offers an unprecedented peek into the way of life of its past peoples, the Incas, even the street names are original. We board the train in Ollantaytambo to take us to Aguas Calientes. As the train travels along, the valley turns into a canyon and the scenery changes as the cloud forest begins to appear with the approach to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary. We disembark at Aguas Calientes for lunch then our guide will accompany us on the bus to the gates of Machu Picchu and lead us through a fascinating historical tour of this incomparable site of unbelievable engineering and amazing feats of human endeavour. There will be plenty of time for pictures! After visiting this amazing site we take the bus back down to Aguas Calientes to our hotel. Meals Included: B, L, D Overnight: Aguas Calientes

Day 9 - Aguas Calientes-Ollantaytambo, Moray-Salt Pans-Textiles Chinchero.

Today is another thoroughly interesting day. We take the early train back to Ollantaytambo, where our private transportation is waiting for us to visit yet more amazing uniquely Peruvian sites. Weather permitting enroute, we will hopefully glimpse the snow-capped Urubamba Mountain range, the holy mountains of the Sacred Valley. Our first stop is the Salinas de Maras the naturally occurring, yet mysterious salt pans that cover the entire side of a canyon made of red clay. They have been in continual operation since pre-Incan times. Wonder at the ingenuity and practicality of the terracing system, whilst being mesmerised by the simplistic beauty and the shimmer of these pinkish white salt pans; it’s a site to behold. Then by car, you'll follow a dust track through agriculturally rich plains, with examples of the finest Andean farming set amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery of the Andes, imposing mountains provoking wonderful sensations of freedom, wilderness and spirituality. Onwards to the circular Inca ruins of Moray, an extraordinary experimental agricultural Inca site. Three natural, crater-like depressions are lined with a series of concentric circular terraces that get smaller as they disappear down into the earth. This is thought to be one of the Incas ‘Green Houses’, where they experimented with the different temperature zones or microclimates (created by the terraces) and developed new varieties of staple Andean foods.
Our last stop is in Chinchero, for a warm welcome. A lovely town traditionally renowned for its specialized weaving techniques and unique handmade textiles. Here you'll watch and learn about the art of Peruvian weaving using home spun wool with naturally made dyes from indigenous plants, a genuine feast for the eyes. We also have the opportunity for a spot of shopping supporting these fabulously talented local weavers. Late in the afternoon we head into the historic city of Cusco, once the centre of the Incan Empire, to check in at our hotel ready for a day of exploration and discovery tomorrow in the ‘Navel of the World’. Meals Included: B, L, D Overnight: Cusco.

Day 10 - Full day Cusco. Visit nearby ruin (Sacsayhuamán). Afternoon city tour

Waking up in Cusco after a restful night in our hotel, today we take the chance to get up and above the city to walk around the Inca sites of Sacsayhuamán and the sacred Q’enqo area. After that we fuel up with a very tasty picnic lunch ready for the drive back downtown for a walking tour and a visit to the San Pedro food market. We will discover the beautiful plazas, street vendors, women in traditional dress walking with llamas, incredible fresh produce, friendly bargaining with ‘Mamacitas’ on the market stalls and much, much more. Cusco is a city of contrasting sites, sounds and smells, you will not be disappointed! This evening you may choose to use your free time to discover Cusco’s many thriving cosmopolitan restaurants and bars, please ask your guide for recommendations. Meals included: Breakfast & lunch. Overnight: Cusco Hotel.

Day 11 - Morning Flight Cusco to Lima. Afternoon gastronomic tour.

In the morning we will transport you to Cusco airport in time to catch your flight to Lima for the final leg of your unforgettable itinerary. You will be met at Lima airport by our Lima representative. Get set for mouthwatering gastronomic tour and fine dining. Lima is renowned as the world’s best food city due to the number of restaurants found here that are in the worlds’ top 50! We’ll start the morning in a local market where you’ll be the only tourists shopping alongside moms and sous chefs. We’ll sample several fresh fruits, snacks and other tasty produce we find on the day. Peru is one of the world’s most bio-diverse countries and producer of an exotic array of jungle, highland and coastal foods. The local market will whet your appetite for the day. From there, to clean our palates and slide into the afternoon we will take the opportunity to sample the Peruvian spirit, Pisco. Taking a walk in Lima’s historic center, we can marvel at the architecture in the Plaza Mayor. We will also see the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s residence, the Presidential Palace and the bright-yellow Franciscan church, built in 1546, which was used as a cemetery in the colonial era. Afterwards, we’ll take a break to enjoy Peru’s flagship dish: ceviche. This sublime fish and seafood dish, gently marinated in fresh lime juice, is a Lima staple, not forgetting the other excellent options like Tacu Tacu (a superbly upgraded version of rice and beans). We’ll culminate our culinary adventure with a dessert of Picarones (fried dough) seeking out the lightest and crispest. Every culture has version, Peru’s being crafted from wheat flour, dotted with anise and blended with sweet potatoes and pumpkin, then topped with a liberal dose of molasses syrup. In other words, glorious sweetness fresh out of the fryer. Dare we say a doughnut looks dull by comparison. All good things must come to an end and once our scrumptious experience is over, we will return to the airport for onward flights or on to the hotel for another evening in Peru. (Depending on itinerary choice at booking). Whichever the choice, we are full to the brim of fabulous flavours and marvelous memories of our amazing journey through this incredible country.


Matthew M.

No Hay Palabras! (There Are No Words!)

Quechua Treks went above and beyond to make my dream escape come true, and I am already scouting their website for my next adventure...and I’m still sitting at the Airbnb right now! I really can’t say enough, porqué no hay palabras! Peru és paradíso, and Quechua Treks know how to show it to you! Feel free to check out all my pics from this incredible adventure on Instagram @rain_downfire and shoot me a message if you have any questions or want any advice. If you journey with Quechua Treks you’ll never be lost. Safe travels, and happy trails!


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Private car for all of the transfers and tours.
All accommodation.
Private bilingual guides for all excursions.
All activities specified in itinerary
Meals indicated in the itinerary.
Drinking water in our private transportation and in every camping place.
First Aid kit and oxygen bottle.
Train tickets specified in itinerary.
Entrances for Machupicchu and all the other sites we visit in Cusco, Sacred Valley and around.
Bus Tickets in Machu Picchu
WHILE CAMPING Briefing one day before the trek. 3 nutritious meals per day (vegetarian options available). Drinking water along the trek. Bilingual guide (Assistant Guide for groups over 6 passengers). Chef (assistant chef for larger groups). Quadruple tents to be used by two people, allowing more comfort and more space to store backpacks. Porters (for equipment and personal items). Inflatable mattresses. Sleeping liner and pillow. First aid kit and oxygen bottle. Kitchen tent and dining tent with camp tables and chairs. Toilet tent. Duffel bags (up to 7Kg/15lbs per person). These are provided by your guide at your briefing.


Meal not mentioned in the itinerary.
Drinks apart from water.
International and domestic flights.
Tips for guides and field staff.
Entrance to the hot springs.
Entrance to Huayna Picchu Mountain. (USD60 extra) Sleeping bag. If you don’t want to bring your own, you can hire this from us. Tips for guides and field staff.


These discounts are not cumulative Students: US$ 30.00 (students require a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Please be aware that Youth Travel Cards are not valid). Teenagers: US$ 20.00 (up to 15 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings) Children: US$ 45.00 (up to 8 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings)


The maximum height can go up to 4,200 m. The average walking time is 6 – 7 hours per day. Here differences in altitude of up to 1,000 masl can occur with many ascents and descents. The daily hikes cover 10-15 kilometers. These tours are a good choice for trekkers with initial hiking experience at altitudes above 3,000 meters, and with good physical condition and health.