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The heart of the Sacred Valley

In the heart of the Sacred Valley, an imposing Pisonay tree rests in the plaza of Yucay, where the biggest corn of the valley and the World grows; this is the starting point of our hike.


Behind the plaza is an impressive group of terraces that follow the contour of the mountain, and are still used by the locals today. Along our way we will also see cave paintings and carved tombs/niches in the cliff faces. 


We start the morning by visiting the temple of Sayri Tupac. At one time in history Yucay was the resting place for the royal Inca family. The trail follows a wide channel stream coming from the snowcapped mountain of San Juan. Immersed in nature, with the sound of running water and the views of the valley from the top of the terraces will be one of the highlights of our journey. After about 2 hours the trail finishes at the other plaza of Yucay. This is where our private transportation will be waiting for us to drive us back to our hotel.


Hiking time: 3 Hrs

Altitude range: 2857m

Degree of difficulty: Moderate - Low

Meal: Box lunch 

Machu Picchu EXTENSION



At Quechua Treks we aim to provide bespoke itineraries suited to each adventurer down to the last detail, we want to create your dream experience. Together, we can customize our itineraries with additional activities ranging from a variety of ‘adrenaline pumping’, ‘culture vulture’ or ‘relax and unwind’ options to best fit your needs throughout your tour. Check out our ideas for inspiration and let us know what captures your imagination!

The Beauty of the South 


Gastronomic experiences in Lima, a day hiking in the Andes, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Titicaca Lake.


Adventure Awaits


A combination of rafting, biking, fly fishing, trekking, camping and hiking the one day Inca Trail in the most beautiful wilderness.  


The Best of the Valley


Exploring the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, in a privately guided tour and you will avoid all of the big crowds. 


The Amazon and the Inca Trail


Deep exploration of Amazonian Nature & wildlife. Get to know one of the least impacted habitats in the world and the classic Inca Trail all the way to Machu Picchu. 

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