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Enjoying views of the Sacred Valley from above

The Sacred Valley zip-line gives people of all ages the opportunity to fly over this magical and magnificent valley, in a safe and fun way. The zip line has 7 lines or cables, from 150 mt to 700 mt, for a total of 2800mt. To get to the first line, a 35-minute hike is made, all equipped with a via ferrata system to give maximum security and confidence to all adventurous people. No experience required.


Who can try the zip-line?

The minimum age for the Sacred Valley Zip-Line is 7 years old. We reserve the right to admission to determine whether people are suitable for the zip-line or not. Without exception, the zip-line clients must always be accompanied by a guide.


Maximum weight

265 lbs (120 kg) to safely ride the zipline.


What kind of equipment is used?

A pelvic harness, helmet, gloves and a zip-line kit, (pulley, 3 carabiners, and lanyard) and via ferrata lanyard.


Zip-Line Safety

All paths between lines are equipped with via ferrata system. The lines were extended, in a way that people does not need any break system. The person loose velocity in the same proportion she or he is getting closer to the end of the line.


What you need to bring?

Use light clothing and comfortable shoes (tennis, light hiking boots, etc.. No sandals). Note that as you go upper the weather will be colder and windy, you can carry extra clothing in a small backpack. Bring at least 1 lt. of water. Use pants better than shorts.


RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE, scheduling will depends on the weather.

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