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"Explore the beauty of South America through our thoughtfully curated travel experiences that extend beyond Peru's borders. Discover inspiring journeys to both the iconic landmarks and the less-traveled corners of this diverse continent. Our attention to intricate details ensures unforgettable adventures across South America."


Boasting an expansive coastal zone and an enormous portion of the Amazonian jungle, separated by the sierra that is home to a vast expanse of the magnificent Andean Mountain Range, Peru has much to offer on many levels.


Cusco, Arequipa, Puno and more, not only offer world renowned trekking but an amazing diversity of flora, fauna and culture. The archaeological history is second to none with remote sites just waiting to be explored.


Let us get you off the beaten track on an unforgettable journey through this magical country.


A country of extremes, landlocked Bolivia is the highest and most isolated country in South America.
Steeped in culture & tradition, with a rich indeginous heritage that is alive with passion, this is a great place to see many natural wonders & landscapes. From places like Tiahuanaco, Uyuni, Potosí & many more there are great tours to be had in this colourful country.



At South America's southernmost tip lies a vast and wildland that has been barely settled or civilised since it was first inhabited.

Spanning both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is home to fantastic mountain peaks, vast and empty steppes, glaciers and icefields, and stunning national parks.

Come and experience the wild landscapes of Torres del Paine, the imperious mountain Fitz Roy, the expanse of glaciers & stopover at the local towns of Puerto Natales, El Chaltén & Calafate.


Well known for its Andean peaks, Amazon rainforest, indigenous markets, colonial towns, sun-drenched beaches, Ecuador caters for all types of traveller.

The Galápagos Islands, west of the mainland of Ecuador are home to unique reptiles, birds, and plants, this is an intriguing & exotic place full of biodiversity.

The people of Ecuador are themselves kind-hearted, generous and proud of their country, making this a great place to tour.

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