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An amazing Peruvian Free-flowing river tributary to The Amazon



Join our expedition and feel good about your personal role in the conservation of this important waterway. We are working with others to protect the Rio Marañón, its ecosystem, and the lifestyle and culture of those that live along its path. Part of the money you pay is dedicated to conservation efforts; a percentage of the after-cost proceeds will be donated directly to Marañon Waterkeeper, a local NGO and member of the global Waterkeeper Alliance. 

The Marañon River is one of the most unique rivers on the planet. Surrounded by riverside villages isolated from any civilization, white water cascades, natural wells, ancient rock art, ruins, accompanied by an incomparable flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else on the planet.

This trip has it all: the colourful culture of the high Andes, heartwarming visits to remote riverside villages, ancient culture remains, waterfalls and natural swimming holes in lush Amazonas jungle and the unforgettable experience of whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon of South America.


Ask for our departure dates of 2021!!!

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