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If you are a whitewater rafting lover, this is the best option you will find



The Apurimac River, is the main and farthest tributary of the Amazon River. The Apurimac Canyon, with its depth of more than 2,000 meters, is considered one of the deepest in Peru and one of the 10 best rafting trips in the world. It is an imposing granite rock canyon, with vertical and shiny walls, incredible geological formations, giant rocks and capricious shapes due to water erosion.


This exciting whitewater rafting expedition is rated among the top-ten. rafting trips in the world. The Apurimac River, ( in the native quechua language meaning Speaker God) is also the most direct source of the Amazon making it the longest river in the world . We put-in at 2,000 mts.  


Ask for our departure dates of 2021!!!

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