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Chinchero Maras and Moray

Wonder trough the farm land and history of the plain of Anta. Traditional textiles, ancient agricultural techniques and stunning open air salt quarries await.

Inca Trail from Chinchero to Urquillos

Connect with the beautiful culture of a traditional Campesino weaving village, be welcomed into the home of a local family and embrace the peacefulness of the Andes.


Escape from the city on this fabulous pre-trek warm up hike. Overlooking the outstanding Sacred Valley, your'll find the Spirit of the Apus alive and well.

Terraces of Yucay

Experience the tranquility of this quaint little village. Take a walk along ancient Inca pathways to discover its secret treasures nestled just beyond the Plaza.

Pumamarca, Valley of Patacancha

A great option to explore well preserved Inca Ruins in a beautiful and fertile valley, one of the last routes the Incas used to reach Vilcabamba!

Palcoyo and the Rock Forest

Head South on a road less travelled into vast and beautiful Andean wilderness. You're acclimatised and ready for a pre-trek challenge. Vamos!

Huallafara  Community Hike

Escape the city and head out to discover the treasures of the Sacred Valley, get to know and interact with the local community of Huayllafara and enjoy a moderately challenging hike in the mountains of Lamay.

Tipon & Pachatusan Apu Sagrado

This trek offers us beautiful scenery, and a chance to appreciate how people make the best use of the different ecological levels or regions which we will encounter such as the quechua, suni and puna.


Balcon del Diablo

El Balcon del Diablo day hike is not at all far in distance from the centre of Cusco but, it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city and a great opportunity to find, or lose yourself in natural peaceful surroundings.


Lamay to Pisaq

 A beautiful but difficult trek due to its length and altitude. We recommend at least two days prior acclimatisation. Hiking from the community of Huayllafara taking in the fantastic scenery of the remote Sacred Valley with amazing mountain views, passing lagoons and a variety of flora and fauna to reach the well excavated ruins above the town of Pisac. A very rewarding, but challenging day hike.

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