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Our North Face, Eurekas and Mountain Hardware Tents have been traveling with us on many long expeditions, through heavy rain, snow and even in Patagonian wind. We use North Face VE25 for our more remote treks, and North Face Talus 4 for the famous Inca Trail. Inside your tents you will find, a therma rest inflatable mattress, a pillow, liner and a lamp. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in a spacious Eureka tent, with really comfortable travel chairs, perfect to enjoy the most delicious Peruvian dishes.


Despite being out in the wilderness you can still enjoy nice wine, after a long days trek, relax in a hot shower after a deep massage. In our cozy campsites you'll rest on our air beds and revel in the finest Peruvian gastronomy.

Our service is a luxury experience for everyone !


We use the best equipment for our treks, we continuously maintain and upgrade or equipment to ensure we are using the most modern gear for our customers.

Inside our North Face Talus 6, big enough to walk around your two person airbed, you will find down fluffy pillows, a really warm down sleeping bag, plus a down blanket, you will love to open the windows in your tent for a more panoramic view. The massage tent will be probably the most wanted place late in the afternoon, and the hot shower tent is perfect before going to your dome or big Eureka tent for dinner, while wine will be served on a well laid table, our comfortable travel chairs will be great for inside or if you want to stay outside to watch the stars at night.

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